Why get a training plan?

Chasing a 5k or 10k PB?
Training for a half or full marathon?
Are you a runner wanting a customised strength and conditioning programme?
Want to lose weight and gain lean muscle mass?
A personalised training plan that fits your lifestyle so you can achieve your specific goals
We are all different – our goals will vary widely, as can the time we have to dedicate to training, plus the location and equipment we can use for our sessions. I will work with you to develop a 12-week progressive plan to include your running sessions and cardiovascular work, plus strength and conditioning specific to your goals.

If required, this can be combined with a nutrition plan to support your increased training load and help you achieve your objectives.

How it works

1. Initial consultation

This can be face-to-face, over the phone or by questionnaire. I will gather an overview of your current activity levels and establish how much time you have available to train. We will agree achievable goals (short, medium and long term) within a 12-week period. 

2. Fitness tests

Ideally, we will meet to test your current fitness and strength via a series of tests. This will provide the base line of the training plan and I will teach you some of the exercises that will be included in the plan. 

3. Bespoke training plan
I will provide you with a bespoke, progressive training plan which can include strength and conditioning work as well as cardiovascular work, such as running sessions (e.g. steady distance, long steady distance and interval training).
4. Progress review

We will review your progress at week four and eight and I will adjust the programme as required.

Extra options

5. Bespoke nutrition plan

I will produce a personalised 12-week nutrition plan specific to your goals, any dietary restrictions, activity levels and lifestyle. I will make  recommendations for changes and include your daily calorie intake and macronutrient breakdown. I will always keep the advice realistic and flexible and can suggest recipes as required. >>Find out more

6. Personal training

Book 4, 6 or 12 x 1 hour personal training sessions with me to keep you on track with your programme and ensure you are pushed to your full potential. >>Find out more


12-week progressive training plan£95
  • Initial consultation and fitness test
  • 12-week bespoke training plan (running and strength training)
  • Reviews at four and eight weeks
Does not include the cost of personal training sessions
Nutritional guidance£75
  • Initial consultation
  • Analysis of current eating habits and individual requirements
  • Development of a bespoke nutrition plan based on your goals, lifestyle and nutritional requirements
The full package£250
  • Initial consultation
  • 12-week bespoke training plan (running & strength training) with reviews at four and eight weeks
  • Review of your food diary and a bespoke nutrition plan based on your goals, lifestyle and nutritional requirements.
  • 6 one-hour personal training sessions
Additional charge for travel may be payable depending on location of training/consultation.

Want to discuss your training goals?