WINNER of the AoC Sport National Fitness Trainer Competition 2020

I can’t recommend Anne enough as a personal trainer. After Christmas, I decided to set some running goals for both my physical and psychological well-being. I knew, if I wanted to stay committed to them, I would really benefit from some personal training support. I had already attended Anne’s group track sessions ( pre-lockdown) and really liked how she supported her clients. So I am now in week 4 of a 12 week programme and got a 5km PB this morning. I am so grateful to Anne for running alongside me this morning and really encouraging me in windy conditions.
Since I started the programme, I love the fact that I am getting physically stronger and also the mental health benefits have been amazing. Having goals to achieve in lockdown has really helped keep me positive. I am looking forward to achieving much more in the next 2 months. 

Now I have started training with Anne Chinoy, I don't think I will ever be able to go back to training solo. She really is a gem. Apart from being highly qualified, knowledgable and inspirational, she actually takes time to listen to what you want to achieve and what you are finding difficult. I have been working with her for four weeks so far, and already feel transformed - fitter, lighter and healthier. I never would have thought that training sessions in the home via Zoom could be so effective!


I just wanted to say thank you for the classes, last night I noticed such a difference in what I was able to do and I'm feeling much stronger than I was - obviously still a long way to go, but it's so good to feel improvements so quickly!

I got another PB – it’s 1.11 at the moment (so already 2 minutes less).  3 weeks in a row of getting PB – the track sessions have definitely helped me a lot, physically and mentally.

Anne’s group track sessions are fantastic and a great start to the day. She caters for every runner’s individual ability and is extremely encouraging throughout. The track sessions are helping me to push myself that bit further in my running, in a safe and supportive way. There is also a lovely social element to these sessions. I can highly recommend Anne to anyone wanting to improve their running technique and become a stronger runner.

I contacted Anne because I knew that I needed to work on strength and conditioning following injury.  I decided to go with a Personal Trainer specifically because I wanted to achieve a level of fitness to enable me to train for the London marathon.  I chose Anne because she is a runner and I felt would be familiar with the particular challenges facing me.


I especially enjoyed the flexibility around where sessions took place and having the option to go out/stay in depending on the weather.  Anne's directions were clear and she was really good at explaining how and why certain exercises would help me improve.  She also gave me strengthening exercises to work on between sessions.  The best coaches know when to push you and when you need a break and Anne was great at gauging my limits.  It was motivating to have that encouragement and also because the sessions were varied and fun.  I always felt I was in a safe pair of hands and was able to start marathon training with confidence that my injuries weren't going to undermine me.

Anne really is a fantastic personal trainer. Her passion for fitness and running really shows throughout her sessions and she really knows her stuff. She has great karma and really makes you feel like you can do it even when you feel you can’t.  Her motivation and encouragement really gets you through the sessions - she makes you work hard but in an achievable way and the proof showed when I achieved a new personal best in a recent half marathon. The sessions are tailored to you, are fun and really make you work harder than you would on your own. Would recommend her in a (slightly elevated) heartbeat!!

Over two years ago, I was diagnosed with chondromalacia patella (a softening or deterioration of the cartilage under the knee cap). As a working mum of three, my evening run, albeit just a few kms every other night, was my best way of keeping fit - physically and emotionally! Although physio and yoga during that time helped to lessen the pain in my knee, I had lost heart in being able to feel fit and strong like I did after a run. 


I have had a number of personal training sessions with Anne, and can feel my quad muscles, core and upper body getting stronger each time. I even jogged for the first time (on soft ground) the other week - it felt brilliant. Although she is helping me to work on essentially the same muscle groups each session, every time has felt different and challenging in various ways. As a PT she is really calm but knows how to push me beyond my comfort zone so I can feel the results. If there are certain exercises I'm not quite ready for, she has shown me alternative ways to build strength in those areas without putting pressure on my knee. She has also made our training sessions versatile to work around my work and parenting commitments, so we have trained at her house, at mine and in the gym.


It has also been good to talk through the nutrition side of things with Anne, and I have started to make positive changes with regards to what time I eat and how much protein and carbs are in my diet. Anne has given me the confidence to feel that I will get back to running again, even if I have to avoid concrete / hard areas. She has also shown me ways of keeping fit and building strength (aside from going for a run) that I can incorporate into even the busiest of weeks. 


I couldn't recommend Anne highly enough as a PT (although beware - she'll keep smiling while making you do planks!).

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