Create your own runners HIIT workout

There are so many online workouts available currently - the choice can be quite overwhelming! Here is my take on it - a DIY HIIT workout with all the exercises picked specifically for runners. I've tried to include progressions on the various exercises so you can keep it challenging over the next few weeks. More challenging exercises are marked with an * or **! 

    • Download a free HIIT timer app here
    • Choose 8 exercises from the list below and put together your own workout. Warm-up first with mobility exercises then a pulse raiser (e.g. jog on spot, star jumps, high knees, gentle squats and lunges).
    • 45 seconds per exercise with 15 seconds recovery (though you may want to start with 30 seconds on / 10 seconds recovery)
    • 4 sets with 90 seconds - 2 minutes recovery between sets

Hamstring Bridges

Squats & Kettlebell Swing

Squat to Lunge

Bridge - hold, reps, with weight

Bear Crawl

Deadbug with Stability Ball

Single Arm Deadlift

Mountain Climber & Plank Variations

Oblique Mountain Climber Variations

Side Plank Variations

Oblique Crunch

Stability Ball Reverse Crunch & Stability Ball Hamstring Curl

Deadbug, Backward Lunge with High Knee, Backward Lunge with Hop


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