Socially distanced interval sessions for up to 5 runners starting Wednesday 9:30am. Places must be booked in advance.

One-hour sessions

  • Maximum of 5 per session
  • PT-lead dynamic warm-up
  • Running form exercises and running drills 
  • Fun & varied interval sessions to help you improve your speed, strength and endurance 
  • PT lead cool-down and stretches
  • £5 per session - pay as you go

Speed sessions for runners of all abilities

Socially distanced group of up to 5 runners.

Open to runners of all abilities, with an emphasis on improving technique, speed and endurance. Speedwork is not about sprinting! It's about running faster than your race pace for short intervals with short recoveries.

Meet at the Crossford Bridge Playing Fields Car Park (near the play area), Sale
M33 7BX. 

>>Please Book Online

The benefits of speedwork

Builds strength and power in your legs
Less over-use injuries by varying your pace, cadence & stride length
Increases your lung capacity
Intense effort helps your heart get bigger and stronger
Social - chat to other runners during the recoveries
Variety & focus - introduce something different into your training
Trains your body to deal with lactate acid build-up
Develops your ability to recover quickly

Want to discuss your training goals?